Magura - Hymec - hydraulic clutch pour BMW F650GS (08-), F700GS & F800GS

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The HYMEC for BMW is simply a fantastic hydraulic retrofit clutch system that is guaranteed to improve overall bike performance. BMW riders can now get away with applying a lot less pressure than with the standard clutch. Depending on riding style, this can make for huge benefits in terms of riding comfort and control. The master cylinder control naturally has reach adjustment. Technical profile in brief:
pre-mounted forged lever with improved lever ergonomics,
filled and delivered ready to install
easy to install, detailed instructions included
retrofittable for BMW F800 models
filled with non-toxic MAGURA Blood

Note: MAGURA favours use of a special mineral oil – MAGURA Blood – for its clutch systems.
The key advantages of this oil are:
Mineral oil is non-toxic and non-hygroscopic. Thus there are no regular changes of the clutch fluid.
The alternative – brake fluid – is harmful to health and can cause damage to paint.

The benefits are clear:
less energy required
fine response
finely tuned metering capability
no fluctuation in the pressure point
automatic compensation of break pad wear
maintenance free
first class workmanship "Made in Germany"

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Magura - Hymec - hydraulic clutch

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